Private Lessons



Many of our coaches offer private lessons to our students. We recommend that private lessons be used as a supplement to participation in our regular classes. Our classes are highly productive, and students should be learning the bulk of their gymnastics and tumbling during classes.

Private lessons are a great service if the student is struggling with a particular skill or needs a little extra fine tuning. Like anything else (piano, math, or other sports), the more you practice the quicker you learn. So, sign up for a few classes each week and supplement those with a few private lessons. You’ll acquire the skills you are working on very quickly.

  • Students must be members of Xcel Gymnastics and be enrolled in classes in order to take private lessons.
  • Coach’s fees for private lessons are negotiated and paid directly with the coach.
  • Private lessons cannot be taught during peak hours, as the coaches are needed to coach classes at those times.

For more information, or to set up a private lesson, please call us at 673-XCEL